ADA and Tresillian Family Care Celebrate Dental Health Week

On Tuesday 5th of August the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Tresillian Family Care Centre Wollstonecraft joined to celebrate Dental Health Week 2014. This year’s Dental Health Week theme was ‘Babies and Toddlers’ which provided a perfect opportunity to provide educational resources and information to those young mothers who attend Tresillian mother’s group meetings.

ADA Oral Health Promoter, Amelia Seselja, chatted to the mother’s group about the fundamental issues of babies and toddler’s oral health. Mothers were given facts sheets and information on their babies oral health which included teething, snacking, oral hygiene, when to see the dentist and how to stop decay. “This year the ADA aim is to educate new and expecting parents about the key oral health issues all parents and carers have with the little ones in their lives. The ADA is delighted to share its educational resources with Tresillian so parents can ensure optimal oral health for their little ones” – Amelia Seselja.

Ann Paton the Public Relations Manager of Tresillian said “it was fantastic to be able to have expert advice on babies and toddlers oral health. The ADA fact sheets for babies and toddlers oral health provide very valuable information to new parents…I even learnt a lot myself from the visit and have been sharing all the latest oral health facts with the people around me”.


As a Dental Health Week initiative the ADA and Australian Dental Health Foundation (ADHF) decided to peruse a partnership initiative to promote oral health.  Keith Whelan, ADHF Development Officer stated “establishing good oral hygiene early in life is imperative to prevent disease later in life”.


The ADA and ADHF support the recognition of the importance of oral health as part of general well being of babies and toddlers.

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