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Dr Jillian Fisher, National Dental Care (QLD)

Dr Jillian Fisher is the lead dentist at National Dental Care, Chermside, Queensland. Dr Fisher put her hand up to volunteer with the Foundation in December 2018. As her first experience with volunteering Dr Fisher hosted a Dental Rescue Day at her practice and has gone on to provide continuing treatment for two patients through the Adopt A Patient program. When asked why she decided to volunteer with the Foundation, Dr Fisher explains that it was a sense of giving back that inspired her to get involved. “We are in a very privileged position to have access to private dental and medical care. Many people in our community are not that lucky and poor dental health can have an incredibly detrimental effect on a person’s mental and general health. It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and those who really needed it.”

From the first appointment on the day, Dr Fisher noted that all the patients were so grateful to be accessing the service. In particular, there was a patient who hadn’t been to the dentist in 30 years and was incredibly anxious that he would have a lot of dental problems. Although the patient was originally quite pessimistic about his overall dental situation, Dr Fisher and her team were able to address his dental needs at the appointment. “At the end of his appointment, he started to cry with gratitude. It was a very touching moment and something I won’t forget in a hurry” said Dr Fisher

Overall, the experience of volunteering has been positive for Dr  Fisher, and her practice is looking forward to their next opportunity to work with the Foundation. “We received some lovely feedback after the Dental Rescue Day which said that one of our patients felt having her front teeth restored had changed her life. That’s what it’s all about, making people in need healthy and happy. “

And her message for other dentists thinking about volunteering is to “Get on board, I couldn’t recommend it more!”

The ADHF acknowledges the ongoing support of our major industry sponsor, Pacific Smiles Group; the significant support of the wider dental industry around Australia, and the ADA.

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