Dentists making a world of difference

Dr Jane McCarthy, Applecross Periododntics (WA)

A recent stand out for the Foundation has been the development of our collaboration with the Women in Dentistry (WID) Clinical Volunteering Program,  which is focused on providing women who have experienced the devasting impact of domestic violence with access to dental care. 

Dr Jane McCarthy, one of the founding volunteers of WID, said she felt that “if I could, in our local community in some small way help support these courageous women we treat, then it was really a question of “why not” rather than “why” volunteer?”.

Since she treated her first patient in July 2018, Dr McCarthy has been working alongside general dentist volunteers in the WID Group to provide initial periodontal assessments as part of the treatment planning process.  She then provides the treatment that is required with emphasis on the importance of oral hygiene to maximise the benefits of periodontal treatment and prepare them for their restorative phase of treatment.

The ADHF acknowledges the ongoing support of our major industry sponsor, Pacific Smiles Group; the significant support of the wider dental industry around Australia, and the ADA.

To find out more about making a difference through the ADHF’s volunteer programs click here

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