Dentists making a world of difference

Dr. Ludhara Hetti, Norwood Village Dental (SA)

Having previously volunteered with dental projects in Cambodia and Sri Lanka, Dr. Ludhara Hetti first got involved with the ADHF’s Adopt A Patient program last year. As she explained, “My workplace approached me with the opportunity to volunteer with the Foundation and what appealed most was being able to follow through with a patient’s complete treatment plan.”

Her first patient was Sharon (not her real name), a disadvantaged woman who did not feel comfortable smiling due to the appearance of her teeth.  Over the course of her treatment, Sharon’s outlook was transformed. “She went from covering her mouth when she spoke or laughed to taking selfies in the dental chair when her treatment was complete. Prior to treatment, she was unable to find work due to her appearance and it’s lovely to know that by fixing her smile I have given her the opportunity to improve her situation“ described Dr. Hetti.

With Dr. Hetti regarding this Adopt A Patient case as a career highlight, she continued ”It’s nice to be reminded how much impact you can have in a person’s life as a dentist. I encourage dentists to take the opportunity to share their unique skill set with those less fortunate.”

The ADHF is grateful to all the dentists and practice staff who make a world of difference by volunteering. We applaud your generosity and commitment to helping disadvantaged Australians in need of dental care.

The ADHF acknowledges the ongoing support of our major industry sponsor, Pacific Smiles Group; the significant support of the wider dental industry around Australia, and the ADA.

To find out more about making a difference through the ADHF’s volunteer programs click here

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