Different name, same mission

Since its foundation in 2008, the Australian Dental Association Foundation has devoted itself to improving the oral health of disadvantaged Australians, many of whom do not receive the dental care they need because of financial, geographical or social restrictions.

In order to better reflect its critically important mission, which attracts the ongoing support of the dental profession, dental industry and the public, the decision has been made to rename the organisation the Australian Dental Health Foundation (ADHF).

The name change was precipitated by research which showed that the general public felt the existing name suggested an organisation devoted to the support of dentists rather than one dedicated to assisting in the advancement of the oral health of disadvantaged Australians.

The new name brings the work of the organisation to the fore, reinforcing its key objectives of providing necessary dental care and advice to people who would otherwise not be able to afford or access it easily. The projects that the ADHF supports involve everything from supporting education and training in rural Australia, funding dental projects aimed at servicing disadvantaged groups through to coordinating an army of volunteer dental professionals who devoted considerable time and effort to the Foundation’s efforts.

One project in particular supported by the ADHF which is beginning to have considerable impact in the Australian community is the Rebuilding Smiles Programme. This landmark undertaking brings together volunteer dentists and their staff with victims of domestic violence to treat longstanding dental problems caused by abuse, in the process restoring the appearance and confidence of those it treats.

It is emblematic of the ADHF’s entire approach, one which will continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring that all Australians receive the dental care they need, regardless of their place in society.

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