A drop in the bucket will help deliver $5 million of dental care

A major improvement in oral health outcomes for a relatively small investment.

That’s the message that the Australian Dental Health Foundation (ADHF) has conveyed to the Federal Government as part of its Federal Budget submission which calls for an increase in government funding for oral health programs for some of Australia’s most vulnerable people. 

With the ADHF already delivering over $1.1 million of pro bono care each year to disadvantaged Australians, the Chairman of the ADHF, David Owen said the submission outlines how the Federal Government can, with funding assistance of just $226,000 over three years, help deliver over $5 million of essential dental treatment to disadvantaged Australians.

“Whilst the significant dollar value of services delivered by our volunteers speak for themselves,  there are many stories that illustrate how the ADHF is making a difference to people’s lives across Australia,” said Mr Owen. 

“With funding from the Federal Government, we will be able to increase the reach of our programs and make a difference to the lives of even more Australians by providing essential dental care that they would not otherwise be able to access”.

“By working with private dental practices across Australia who donate their time, expertise and resources, the ADHF is able to coordinate delivery of oral health outcomes to a number of disadvantaged Australians who are not currently able to access the dental care they need. 

To these patients, the treatment provided by the ADHF volunteers is essential, not only for their oral health but as an important step to assist them to rebuild their lives and confidently engage in their communities again.

Mr Owen continued, “We are asking the Government to provide a relatively modest figure that will play a vital role in helping us meet the 25% annual growth in the demand for the Foundation’s services.”

There is so much unmet need for dental care across our communities, especially for patients who may be homeless, victims of domestic violence or have mental health issues. Through the ADHF, dentists across Australia are putting up their hands to help however without investment from Government, many deserving Australians will have to go without this important health care.


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