The ADHF lends support to Beyond the Broncos targeting oral health

The  Beyond  the  Broncos  program  provides  one-on-one mentoring support, encouragement and motivation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in high schools across the Greater Brisbane region and Northern NSW. The aim of the program is to improve school attendance and year 12 attainment rates as well as provide tailored workshops to support the needs  of indigenous students.

This program is overseen by a dedicated team of the Brisbane Broncos’ Indigenous Support Staff.

As this activity fell squarely within the ambit of the Australian Dental Health Foundation’s objectives, a trial of working with Beyond the Broncos has been undertaken. This year the ADHF joined with the Beyond the Broncos team to provide oral health workshops to over 1,200 high students during October to December.

Brisbane Bronco’s ambassadors, Bo Le Da Cruz, Scott Prince and the ADA’s Oral Health Promotion Consultant, Amelia Seselja have worked together to develop a fun and interactive workshop targeted at improving the oral health behaviour of students.

“Poor oral health can have a widespread impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. These workshops allow us to engage with our community and empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait men and women with the knowledge and skills so they and their families

can live healthier lives” said Scott Prince– Beyond Broncos .



The aims of the oral health workshops are to:

  • Improve knowledge, behaviour and attitudes of young adults towards sugar sweetened beverages;
  • Improve oral hygiene behaviours;
  • Improve oral health self-efficacy;
  • Enhance the integration of oral health education through general health

Colgate-Palmolive  assisted greatly with this program, generously providing 1,200 toothbrushes and pastes for the students in this program.

“This is such a great initiative. Adolescents are often overlooked because they are harder to reach. Sports heroes have a lot of influence and  can  hopefully  assist  with  encouraging  these  kids to look after their oral health,” said Dr Susan Cartwright, Scientific Affairs  Manager Colgate-Palmolive.

The ADHF Chairman David Owen is also very supportive of this initiative saying, “Targeting the oral health of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander secondary students through oral health education should provide those students with a sound foundation for lifelong good oral health. We are pleased to support the Beyond the Broncos program”.

Over the coming months further feedback will be shared on the Foundation and this program with members.

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